We provide a scalable white-label SEO workflow management and fulfillment solution for agencies and resellers. Red Canyon helps agencies, large or small businesses, individual marketers, and other organizations meet marketing needs with marketing SaaS. Stay organized, create and follow your workflows with our platform while having access to the best creative talents. You save time and money with Red Canyon’s cloud-based marketing software.

Platform Features

What your clients get from our marketing software platform
Red Canyon Platform features

Customizable, Easy-To-Use, & Scalable

What We Do

Red Canyon provides the right technology with free workflow management and fulfillment solutions to support your needs.  Our cloud-based marketing software helps eliminate common communication and task-management hurdles. 

The work of digital marketing providers is tough and the business of being a marketing reseller is very challenging. Both agencies and resellers need fast, reliable, and cost-effective marketing services to grow. Our marketing software can help. There are several challenges involved such as keeping up with trends, staffing the right team, and keeping every stakeholder on the same page. As technology continues to advance rapidly, there are many more things to manage, track, and master as well.  That’s why we’ve built this marketing software as a service (SaaS) product just for you! Not having the right technology and team on your side can result in poor marketing execution plus performance for your accounts.


Integrate your processes into our software and work with vetted vendors to help with fulfillment as needed. The two biggest problems marketing agencies have is streamlining workflow and accessing the right talents. These are both challenging issues that our workflow management solution solves.

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Our platform provides a cost-efficient way to serve your clients and easily execute marketing plans.

Large resellers often find it challenging to identify great SEO, content, and other marketing service providers. This is because not many vendors can completely align with their marketing plans and provide high-quality work at a great price point. As a result, resellers typically have very little options when it comes to selecting vendors. Most have resorted to subpar quality and overpriced services. Red Canyon Media gives you more and better options at affordable rates such as amazing content, creatives, and SEO services.

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Reduce operation costs, effectively execute marketing plans, and gain traction through SEO or other marketing services. We help each of your businesses in their service area(s) by improving workflow, enabling better communication and sharing of resources. Including providing marketing services from vetted marketing fulfillment teams such as content creation and SEO. Agreements can be initialized right from our platform for marketing service provider partners, franchise and holding companies.

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Scalable Marketing Solutions with SaaS

Great for agencies and resellers that want to always meet marketing requirements.
Better Communication

Our workflow management software seamlessly enables the collecting, organizing, and sharing of information across teams.

Better Time Management

Automate assignments with the click of one button. Provide easy feedback for task-related communications.

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A Platform Focused on Your Needs

You can streamline workflow, minimize errors, increase your overall efficiency, and improve client satisfaction.

Scale the Way You Want

Manage or monitor your projects and easily enlist fulfillment support.

Why Red Canyon?

We designed our workflow management platform to alleviate the need for staffing account managers and improve processes by streamlining workflow.

About Us

Act Now – Our Workflow Management Solution is Currently Free

Good workflow management and the quality of work performed is key to the success of your accounts. Contact us now to see how we can improve your business.

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Our platform lets you work in the exact way you want while providing access to tools needed to align and focus your marketing plans.

Customer Onboarding

Add customers to the Red Canyon platform with just a few client details that allow our teams to know more about your business.


Automated Roadmap

The chosen customer package allows tasks to auto-populate across a monthly roadmap. A breakdown in communication and time management are common challenges for marketing organizations, and we overcome those challenges by automating simple tasks from content strategies.


In-App Fulfillment

Red Canyon Media lets you easily scale your business by providing the best creative talents, SEO, and content writers for whatever you need to help scale your business.

SEO isn’t our primary business, however working with Red Canyon Media has made it easy to offer this service to our clients.  We are getting better content and services over our previous provider which makes our customers happy.

Jay Bean
Owner, Fresh Lime

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