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Blog comment spamming, sometimes called “article engagement”. This is a good way to hurt your clients.

This is another old school tactic that has been a plague for all website owners over the past 10+ years.  Blog Comment Spamming is when agencies will spam blogs in the comment section to obtain a link for their client.

To combat this many turn off any commenting on their blog post.  Many add a nofollow tag to the links they create and some just don’t allow a link in the comment section at all.  

A nofollow tag is a way for website owners to say this link isn’t trusted and not to send any value through the link.  Although many say Google ignores the nofollow tag, but this simply isn’t true.  

Google’s past updates like Panda and Penguin released in 2011 and 2012, made it so that these irrelevant comment backlinks were useless to the websites they went to. These updates were aimed squarely at low quality spam links that were prevalent in SEO over 10 years ago.

Blog commenting is no longer a fast and easy way to get backlinks or boost SEO. Google will even penalize you for a large number of blog spam comments when most of those links are nofollow. This is telling google no one trusts your website.

Here is a comment from The Search Engine Journal that says it all.

“Blog comments were a popular link building tactic many years ago.

You might come across lots of older information that suggests using this tactic because it once worked extremely well.

Please hear me when I say this tactic used to work.

It does not anymore – and hasn’t for a long time.”

Search Engine Journal

The fact that they say it hasn’t worked for a long time is very telling if your whitelabel SEO partner is still doing this and wasting your clients money.

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