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Google’s Core December 2020 Update: What You Need To Know

Google’s Core December 2020 Update: What You Need To Know

It’s that time of year once again in the Digital Marketing world. Google has once again launched another algorithm update. Yesterday afternoon, Google launched the December 2020 Broad Core Update. This comes as SEOs awaited an update since the one in May 2020. Many of them thought there wouldn’t be another update in 2020, yet here we are.

It has already been reported that some sites are reporting huge wins or losses of 30% or more. 

You’re probably wondering what this is all about and what it means for small businesses. Below we’ll discuss exactly that. Let’s dive in, shall we?

What This Core Update Is All About

The December Google update is specifically about quality content.

Each day, Google makes one or more changes that help improve search results. Some are noticeable, some are not. These updates help Google continue to improve over time.

Several times in a year, Google makes broad, significant changes to their search algorithm which are called “core updates.” These changes are designed to ensure that Google is accurate in representing relevant and authoritative content to searchers.

Google works to confirm updates since they produce some notable effects like drops or gains in some sites. These changes are about how they are working to improve how they assess content overall. Changes like these may cause pages that were under-rewarded in the past to perform better.

What This Means For Businesses

Now you’re probably wondering what this update in particular means for businesses big and small.

To answer the question, it all comes down to providing quality content for your readers. That is how you help your business be a step ahead of these core updates.

Google encourages companies to continually ask themselves these questions in order to be aligned with their intent for these updates. In other words, if your content does not meet these guidelines, you may be among the site affected negatively by this December update. Likewise, answering these questions below will help assess how you can improve your content.

  • Does your headline and/or page title provide a helpful and accurate summary of your content?
  • Does your content provide original information or interesting information that is beyond obvious?
  • Is your content written by someone who knows a specific topic well?
  • Is your content free from spelling and/or grammatical errors?
  • Is your content friendly across all devices?
  • Does your content provide value that helps differentiate yourself from similar sites?
  • Is the page one that you would share with a friend?
  • Does your content work to serve the interests of users or to just solely try to rank well in the results page?

You also want to consider an audit of the pages that were most impacted by the core update. To determine if you were impacted, review your Google Analytics for any sharp drops in search engine traffic. You want to pay close attention to how your individual pages fare against these fool-proof questions (above). Utilizing these questions as a checklist will help you know which areas you need to address in order to maintain your online presence. To view, the rest of the check-points Google suggests, read their official statement here.

How Red Canyon Media Can Help

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