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Adding an SEO Offering for Your Customers that Actually Helps Them Succeed

Adding an SEO Offering for Your Customers that Actually Helps Them Succeed

I helped start Red Canyon Media with the idea to provide valuable SEO and a cost-effective solution for local businesses. What we ended up with is proving a way for businesses that already provide some sort of marketing software or service to add SEO with little to no effort.

SEO’s Time to Shine

Right now, there are not a lot of solutions for local businesses that they can afford. But it is clear, especially in this market with the pandemic, that Search Engine Marketing is more important than ever. To provide valuable SEO for your client is more important than ever for market service providers.

Professional and White Labeled

Red Canyon Media is a full-service SEO white label solution. This means our clients and partners don’t have to do anything. We help you provide valuable SEO to your clients without extra work or the extra hassle. Let us take the heavy lifting. The reason it is a cost-effective solution and that we can scale to tens of thousands of clients is the software. Our secret sauce is the workflow management that efficiently handles communication and tasks.

Simplify Your Workflow

All you need to do is enter your customer into our system. From there, our software takes over and works the magic.

1. First, we create a questionnaire task for the client. 

2. Next, our Keyword Research team gets the next task and we send the keywords through our messaging center for approval. 

3. After that, we create a task for our team to create a content strategy and begin research.

We ask for your approval through our messaging system. From there we will send occasional approval messages to keep you engaged as much or as little as you want.

Our reporting center is branded to our clients or partners and is integrated into the messaging system. The reporting center also includes: work items completed, pending, or scheduled and tracks keyword rankings for up to 20 keywords.

Ready to Scale? 

Would you like to add another revenue source to your already robust marketing solutions? Or is your agency struggling to scale SEO customers or find talent? Drop me a message and I can demo the system for you. The software is free to use for qualified agencies.