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Do You Know the True Costs of Your White Label SEO?

Do You Know the True Costs of White-Label SEO?

Ask yourself, could your White-label SEO partner be hiding their costs behind an hourly rate? The true cost of white-label SEO can be deceiving.

If your current SEO partner isn’t breaking down costs and fees associated with your clients, then they are likely hiding something. Charging by the hour often means you’re paying for unnecessary processes that shouldn’t fall on your shoulders as the client.

Let’s Get to the Bottom of It! 

Some clients will wave their hands in the air and say, “You don’t want to know the costs.” Just give us 50% and we will do whatever we want. 

Others try to hide true costs behind ‘hours’. They show you a low hourly rate. However, they will typically over-exaggerate how much time a task takes rounding off 10 minutes of work to an hour of billable time. Know the true cost of white-label SEO by asking for a detailed report! 

Is Your Current SEO Partner 100% Transparent?  

Go ahead, ask for an itemized list of tasks and associated costs. If they are touting an hourly rate, find out the hours they associate with each task and do the math. Multiply their hourly rate for each task against what they are pitching to you. Be prepared to be shocked.

However, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Not everything they do may be the same as another company even though they use the same wording.

For example, posting a “guest article” to a PBN (Private Blog Network) or sites they have relationships with isn’t going to cost as much as a true guest article would cost on a respectable website.  A real, respectable website will have a higher domain authority and drive more organic traffic to your site than a private blog network (PBN). While each has its respective value, costs are vastly different.

We Walk the Talk

At Red Canyon, we are completely transparent with our costs. You also get the added benefit of saving on Account Management by using our automated marketing software to streamline marketing strategy roadmap creation and in-app communication with your clients.

Contact us to get a price comparison with your current partner. We will beat their price and/or quality.