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Why Blog Posts Are Undeniable SEO Boosters

Why Blog Posts Are Undeniable SEO Boosters

With over 600 million active blogs on the internet, there are a number of reasons why blogs boost SEO. Maintaining consistent content on your blog can be an undeniable booster for organic search results.  How recent and how often your website updates is just one of the things search engines like Google or Bing look for when determining whether or not to show your website in search results.  

Content not only drives new traffic through search results, but reliable content is also a great way to drive recurring traffic, new customers, and customer trust.  Provide valuable, repeated information to your customers on your website.  And share those posts to social! 

To drive the most traffic, consistency is key.  Publishing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly is determined by what you can consistently do for your website.  You always want to be on time so that your readers can rely on your content. 

Now that you know the importance of your content to search engines and customers, let’s talk about some fun facts related to blogs!

Blogs Drive More… Everything

Businesses that blog drive up to 55% more website visitors and 67% higher lead generation than businesses that do not blog.  In fact, marketers that prioritize blogging see 13 times the ROI of businesses that don’t. 

Everyone Is Doing It

Over half of the top 200 Fortune 500 Companies rely on corporate blog posts to release new content for their customers. Blogging is the third most common content marketing strategy for marketers. 90% of businesses today use content marketing tactics, such as blogging, to maintain their online presence. 

Frequency & Number of Pages Matters

Blogs result in a 434% increase in indexed pages.  That means that companies that blog regularly, are constantly increasing the number of pages search engines know about.  The more web pages a search engine knows about, the more likely your site is to be considered valuable.  Recent content matters.  Frequency of content matters.  Reliability of content matters.  Search engine optimization relies on the most recent, up to date content that exists as a match to search terms.  Your blog strategy is as simple as “the more the merrier!” But how your blog posts are written and the frequency in which you publish absolutely matters to maintain your search engine value!

It’s More Than Just A Post

One thing to note is that while blogging for fun is fantastic, it isn’t always profitable.  To get the best results for your blog, you need to keep search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.  That’s why we help our partners provide valuable, high-quality content for clients.  

At Red Canyon, we utilize a variety of factors about each and every client to go beyond keywords and create truly valuable, personable content.  We take into account the customer’s preferred voice, existing content calls to action, and more in order to provide exactly what the customer needs.  

While many customers may say, “Why don’t I just do this myself?” the fact remains that blogs boost SEO. Content written specifically with SEO in mind is usually above-and-beyond what a small business client has the time to consistently learn and do on their own.  We go beyond the keyword and really try to emulate who your client is and how they would write a blog post themselves if they only had the time and the marketing expertise.  Want to learn more about our marketing tech and how you can utilize our SaaS platform to scale your in-house fulfillment? Click through our website or fill out this form for a free demo.