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How To Offer Your Clients SEO Transparency with Red Canyon Media

How To Offer Your clients SEO Transparency

The world has enough SEO agencies, so how do you stand out? Most companies are offering some variation of the same services. At Red Canyon, we take pride in offering true SEO transparency for marketing partners.

In this article, we will discuss how your small business clients and team members should understand that SEO is a long-term strategy.  SEO metrics take, on average, six months to show spikes in results.  Your ability to manage the SEO campaign, show transparency, and communicate with your client in the meantime is of the utmost importance for both scalability and retention. That’s where a marketing tech app like Red Canyon’s suite of online products can help. 

There are a few principles that will make or break your SEO business. This article is for the agencies, resellers, and partners who want to scale faster. SEO transparency for marketing partners is just the beginning of what we provide our marketing partners.  

Sell Long-Term Strategies

You do not want to do business with a fly-by-night SEO “expert”, and neither do your clients or partners. There are enough bad actors on the Wild Wild Web that chances are your company has been burned before. How do you offer peace of mind and gain trust in this industry? 

Avoid quick-fixes and ranking schemes and stick to long-term link building strategies. Outline 6 to 12 months and follow up with monthly link building reports

The Red Canyon Media system offers real-time keyword reporting and a work summary that outlines the stage of each available task order.  At any time, you can review these results with clients or take a look for yourself!  We send a monthly reminder to the client for you.  All emails and reminders deliver fully white-labeled.  This reminds your client to pop in and review everything you’ve done for them lately.  This level of transparency and automated-communication builds client trust. In the meantime, kick back and watch the work be done for your client!  Let our system go to work for you.  Contact us here to request a free demo on how our software can help you scale.

Share Meaningful Metrics

Do not inundate your client or partner with pages of analytics, anyone can harvest some data from Google Analytics, but this is amateur and unimpressive. Provide reporting that highlights keyword movement month over month and a summary of work.  

On the Red Canyon app, we provide exactly that!  A client can not only see the month-over-month success of keyword movement; see the full scope of work throughout the length of their campaign – past, present, and upcoming.  A client will easily see what work is in progress and review any work via the Work Summary tab.  New work, changes, and approvals all take place within the app.  Your client is emailed periodically when it is time to review or approve an order. 

Remember, keep it simple and current if you want to demonstrate how your suggested keywords and link building strategies are driving targeted traffic. The best thing you could do is offer your clients real-time reporting, which is simple with marketing SaaS built for SEO agencies and resellers.

be transparent

If you are selling quality SEO, then you have nothing to hide, and you need to share this with clients. But how? SEO Ranking is critical, of course, and also one of the most overused metrics that provides the least long-term impact.  That’s why we go as far as to show results URLs.  Clients can view their content, dig into the domain authority, and understand exactly where their business citation listings and guest article content are published!

With Red Canyon SaaS for SEO, you can easily share every detail of your tasks with your client on a white-labeled and user-friendly platform. Our SEO transparency for marketing partners goes beyond reporting and allows clients to receive communication every step of the way.

Use the Right Talent

A barrier for many agencies and resellers trying to scale is outgrowing their team. You do not want to hodgepodge together freelancers and routinely gamble with your workload. Utilize a trusted resource of vetted quality SEO experts that provide consistent work. 

The Red Canyon in-app fulfillment team consists of tried and true content writers and SEO experts. Scale-up during the peaks and down during the lulls without a single staffing headache. 

Be Agile

It is crucial to have the workflows, reporting, and staffing all dialed in to scale. The last thing you want is to put the brakes on just as things start picking up. Utilize SEO software built for speed and agility, so you continue working with new clients and partners. 

Exponentially improve your workflow by having everything in one place, from reporting to communications. Do not waste time platform hopping to provide reporting or even contract agreements. The Red Canyon platform houses everything your organization needs in regards to selling SEO in one simple-to-use dashboard. 

Be Cost Efficient

You do not always get what you pay for with SEO providers, sad but true. Your organization deserves better. You can have high-quality SEO that is transparent, impactful, and delivering without inflated boutique agency or partner pricing. Because of the way we have programmed a fully automated system – orders, communication, etc. – we are able to offer in-app fulfillment at a fraction of the cost of other marketing service partners.  

SaaS Does SEO Better

With the Red Canyon Media robust cloud-based SEO marketing software, you have the infrastructure, workflow management, and talent practically at cost, industry-leading value, and cost-efficiency. 

Sell more SEO, build better long-lasting client and partner relationships with quality and transparency, and scale faster with Red Canyon SEO SaaS.

We’re here to help! Let our system go to work for you.  Contact us here to request a free demo on how our software can help you scale.