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Red Canyon Media now on TapClicks

Red Canyon Media Reporting Now Available For TapClicks

You can now access your Red Canyon Media work summary and keyword rankings data directly with your TapClicks Reporting software.

TapClicks Helps Red Canyon Media Solve Reporting Challenges and Enhance Client Experience

Red Canyon Media was created to help digital marketing companies reach their full growth potential. The team helps digital marketing agencies and resellers provide a better experience to their clients through its marketing SaaS solution.

Organizations gain access to high-quality white-label digital marketing solutions and services that enable them to scale faster. Agencies and resellers can work in the exact way they want by integrating their processes for seamless workflow and client fulfillment. Companies can handle practically everything in one place with access to tools that align and focus marketing campaigns, such as in-app messaging.

Red Canyon Media is the complete white-label marketing workflow management and fulfillment solution every organization wanting to scale desires. Businesses can stay organized, access top creative talent, save time and money while achieving the kind of results they want.

The team at Red Canyon Media has partnered with TapClicks to automate marketing data, allowing their customers to bring all metrics to one organized place. That ensures they can deliver the workflow summary and keyword rankings data to customers without requiring the use of other systems.

The Challenge

Red Canyon Media works with agencies and resellers that offer online marketing services, a fast-moving industry where important changes occur regularly. Each company has clients that require attention, and many digital marketing tasks demand significant time, including top talent to execute correctly. 

Two of the significant challenges Red Canyon Media faces are that not all organizations grasp the importance of content and a holistic digital marketing approach. The fact many agencies and resellers struggle to scale makes that apparent. The scope of online marketing is enormous, and high-quality content is more important than ever. 

Agencies and resellers must also provide their clients with numerous services to boost online visibility, leads, and sales.

Red Canyon Media solves those problems by eliminating the challenges of fulfillment and providing much-needed growth tools with its marketing SaaS platform. When brands no longer have to worry about fulfillment, can automate specific tasks, can better manage time and communications, they thrive. They can quickly scale their businesses.

While Red Canyon Media has its internal reporting, TapClicks makes advanced reporting, analytics, and data aggregation possible. Without TapClicks, their clients would need to view separately, making reporting and insights difficult. 

When Red Canyon Media came to TapClicks, the company showed keyword rankings and work summary in separate reports; clients couldn’t view everything at a glance. With TapClicks, agencies and resellers can display Red Canyon’s data alongside any other information in real-time.

Red Canyon Media is continuing to partner with TapClicks to enhance the experience of its customers.

Why Red Canyon Media Uses TapClicks

TapClicks provides dynamic dashboards  and stored data for Red Canyon’s customers. These tools help businesses keep metrics organized, including providing accurate and timely reporting to their clients.

Additionally, TapClicks shows agencies and resellers all the different opportunities for driving business growth through all digital channels. The ability to see all metrics in one place helps every one of Red Canyon’s customers make better-informed decisions.

Red Canyon Media prefers TapClicks because it simplifies reporting for all its customers. Brands can pull data from multiple digital channels. The aggregated data provides a clear picture of how the business is driving results. With TapClicks, Red Canyon’s clients see the full story of how marketing efforts are impacting results.

Highlights of TapClicks as Reported by Red Canyon Media

TapClicks helps our clients take command of data. “Agencies and resellers can struggle with reporting obligations when using multiple systems. They require accurate reporting to run the business, and their clients need to receive reports each month to remain informed about marketing results. TapClicks allows Red Canyon’s clients to monitor and visualize their business on one simple, real-time mechanism.” – Travis Thorpe, Red Canyon Media VP of Business Development

TapClicks helps with data management across the omnichannel.

“TapClicks helps Red Canyon’s clients see all the important information needed, so they know how their digital marketing campaigns are performing. They get to see everything in dashboards, which is clean and effective.”

TapClicks makes it easy to tell stories. “We’re a white label SEO or marketing management and fulfillment solution, so the amount of reports our clients look at in a given day is a lot. TapClicks puts our Work Summary and Keyword Rankings data right next to everything else they want to see. The information is visually and neatly presented in a way that connects the dots; it tells the story.”

TapClicks lets our clients pull crucial marketing data from all relevant systems. “If required, our customers can pull data from Google Analytics, several social media channels, and other systems. TapClicks presents all the data alongside Red Canyon’s figures in a fresh and easy-to-follow manner. Each section of the report contains key metrics that inform our clients about what they need to know.”

Results from Using TapClicks

TapClicks provides in-depth insights. “With TapClicks, our customers can derive more meaning from data, enabling in-depth insight and analysis.” – Travis Thorpe, Red Canyon Media VP of Business Development

Learn how to connect your Red Canyon Media data with your TapClicks reporting account here.